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Independence day, an annual national festival, is celebrated to commemorate India’s 
independence from the British Empire. India became independent after lot of hard struggle and sacrifices.
 Therefore, as citizens of India it’s our duty to respect the immense sacrifices made by our freedom fighters in the past. And now, it’s our responsibility to pass on the proud history to the upcoming generations. Therefore, being and educational institution, Candyyfloss left no stones unturned to make the tiny-tots aware about the golden history of our country. 
Hence, our 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with grandeur. A skit picturising India pre-Independence as well as post independence was planned along with some patriotic dances so that our children could understand the need of the hour and take steps to work towards issues such as discrimination between 
boys & girls, judicious use of resources like water & electricity, change in values & culture of 
India, stopping the use of plastics etc. Children thoroughly enjoyed this assembly.


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    Cleanliness keeps our body, mind and soul fresh, active and healthy. It helps in our intellectual growth and takes us one step closer to divinity.
    Therefore, to infuse the importance of cleanliness in our tiny tots through various practical methods, CANDYYFLOSS conducted “Cleanliness Week” from 6th to10th
    August 2018.
    ? 6th August - Mission Clean (Let’s make it a game)- Children were given a demo by teachers in which they were explained about the ways and advantages of 
    separating various types of garbages i.e segregation of organic wastes, plastics and metals.
    ? 7th August – Trombon’s Clean up Park- Children were given an opportunity to go out in an open area where they experienced the practical way of managing the 
    waste i.e organic waste in a green coloured dustbin, plastic in a red dustbin and metal waste in a blue dustbin.
    ? 8th August – E-waste Management- Children were explained about the hazards of 
    e-waste and how to manage them effectively. For this they were also given a 
    worksheet through which they were given a chance to have a clear understanding about e-waste management.
    ? 9th August – How to make clean water- Children were shown how to make clean water in a very easy and interesting way by using some of very commomnly available things such as coffee filter, charcoal, sand and gravel.
    ? 10th August – Slogan Contest- A slogan contest was organized in the school for which children were asked to prepare a slogan based on the theme “Cleanliness”. They participated in this contest very enthusiastically and got to learn a lot through this.
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