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Rules for road safety are to be followed so that the traffic flows in an orderly way. Unlike adults, children do not have the maturity to know what to do and what not, when walking on the roads. So, to teach the basic Traffic Rules to our tiny tots , we at Candyyfloss conducted 'Road Safety Week, in which day to day activities were organized for them. 

Day 1 : Introduction of Road Signs and PowerPoint Presentation 

Road Signs though being the silent speakers play a major role in Road Safety. Hence basic road signs were introduced to the children to equip them to move responsibly on the road. 

Day 2 : Free Hand Drawing - Traffic Light

Children were made to draw the traffic lights as drawing provides a direct link with the topic and also, makes the learning enjoyable by children.

Day 3 : Puzzles & Games - Mind Check

Games and Puzzles challenge the young learners and exercise their minds. So, in order to make the road signs to be permanently retained in the minds of our children, they were given Puzzles made by their respective Class Teachers which proved to be really beneficial for them.

Day 4 : Creation of Traffic Park

An artificial traffic park consisting of roads with different road signs, cars, buses, zebra crossing, pavement etc was created through which students were made practically aware about the traffic rules while they move on the road. Indeed, it was an effective and fun filled learning by our students.

Day 5 : Role play - Obey Traffic Rules

A role play was performed by the students through which they demonstrated road scene by following traffic rules on the artificially created Traffic Park.


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